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langenc claims:
Everyone looks thru sights/scopes differently.

Sorry; 'tain't true. That's one of many myths about the shooting sports.

With the single exception of someone's eye being off center in a scope's optical axis and that scope not focused at the target range, all the light from the target through the sights (scope and iron) is the same for everyone.

It's physically impossible for different eyes to see the relationship of the sights to the target for a given alignment with each other.
If its a myth, then why have I seen, and experienced people having different points of impact using the same sight settings?

Because we hold the gun differently at the moment of firing? Or something else?

Two examples from my personal expierence;
#1) back when my Dad and I were shooting, all his handguns were sighted for him, center hold. When I shot them, in order to hit center, I had to hold 6 o'clock.
#2) myself and a friend, each shooting a different bolt action rifle, trading rifles for alternate shots. CONSISTANTLY 1/2" difference in point of impact @100yds. He would hit dead center with his rifle, and 1/2" high with mine, and the same for me, dead on with mine, 1/2" high with his. Both rifles wearing 3x9 scopes.

Now, if we weren't looking through the scopes differently, then what was happening?

I've sighted in rifles and handguns for other people, and have always told them that it would be "on" for me, but might not be for them. And that is exactly what has always happened. Sometimes, my sight in has been perfect for them, and other times, it has been close, but not dead on for them, but dead on for me. IF its a myth, then why does it happen?
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