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I understand that there could be great risks involved with any of the approaches (shoot, drop in, or shoot then drop in).

I understand that many do not think such risks worthwhile.

I also know that there are many of us who would still try. Maybe my perspective is skewed. This could be due to me being retired military, and most of my friends being retired or former military or LE, and almost all my current co-workers being retired or former military or current reservists and guardsmen. (Some of those are also volunteer firemen.)

This could be because of the personality traits for which we were selected for our jobs - IE, we are so deluded as to think we can salvage situations involving engine failures, fires, hostile fire, and significant weather events.

I may have just been overly effectively brainwashed by work as a defense contractor, or as a Navy pilot, or even before that by my mother (who, when I was a child, saved a friend's poodle from what would have been an even worse mauling than it received from a large and vicious German Shepherd, when Mom was armed with only a frying pan and adrenaline). But my first thought tends to be "how can I handle this?" and not "oh, well, there is nothing I can do."

Guess I am just sadly deluded.
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