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I live out in the woods in a wooded rural area and I've always wanted to dig a tunnel and put a large 2 foot diameter PVC pipe in it and create a 25 - 40 yard range in my basement that goes out under my backyard.

I figured I'd pt a clothesline type target holder, and fill the very end with a couple feet of shredded tires. there aren't any houses behind me for quite a ways but if I dug a trench to lay the pipe, then covered the pipe with concrete... that would be one nice little range :-)

Would need lots of sound proofing so as not to disturb the wife and kids in the house... but I feel it's doable, IF it was legal and I think it might be in my area if I get the correct permit... but this is more of a discussion as to how to do it, not really IF it's legal or not :-)

Mike B
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