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I checked the mag springs and they are okay. I guess I don't understand the different terminology of magazines. All I know is they say Colt on them, some with a small M stamped on the bottom of the plate and some with a C. My rounds are loaded to 1.250". All mags seat correctly every time.

I played with it more but can't figure it out. Here is a question I have. When I pull back on the slide and very slowly let it creep forward and when the slide initially contacts the brass it instantly cocks the nose of the bullet downwards. As the slide moves forward further, the round will either jam against the ramp in the slight nose downward position or slide up and into the chamber. Is it normal for the round to nose downwards before moving upwards?

The second question.... with the mag fully loaded and the round pushed fully back against the metal, I can flick the nose of the bullet downwards and it springs back into position, however, if I pull the round just a hair forward in the mag so it's not touching the back of the mag and flick it downwards it will lock in the downward position. This will certainly cause the round to jam against the ramp. Tapping the mag a little resets the bullet or will reset by pushing upwards and back on the round. Is this normal?
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