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I've passed up all the pistols my agency issues and used to issue. Great ones like the HK P-7M13, Browning Hi-Power, HK USP, and now the Glock 22/23.

I prefered to carry my own pistols that are authorized. In no specific order, I've carried the following:
Colt Double Eagle,
Kimber Tactical Custom II,
Colt Defender,
Springfield XD45 compact,
XD9 subcompact,
XD40 subcompact,

and right now the XDm40 compact.

Current bug/off-duty is a SW 36 .38 special J-Frame.

My agency policy allows personal weapons as long as they are inspected, of quality manufacture, in 40SW or 45ACP (9mm possible for plain clothes guys), and you qualify with it.
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