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Originally Posted by Nanuk View Post
So What? A 44 magnum recoils more too. The point is can you handle the recoil? You can train to the point that you expect the blast and recoil of a Magnum, what is so difficult. In a real shooting you are not going to feel recoil, you are not going to consciously hear the gun in all probability. You will be loaded with adrenaline, like I said recoil is a range issue. The only time I can see it as an issue is if it hurts to shoot and the person will not shoot enough to become proficient.

I understand that anyone can shoot a 9mm faster than they can shoot a 40 in the same gun, so what?
I agree with this. I personally have very low recoil sensitivity. It takes about 200 rounds through my LCP before it is uncomfortable and I think .357 Magnum in a J-frame isn't really that bad. Could I shoot 9 faster than .40? Probably a tiny bit if I was being measured, but for practical purposes I shoot the two identically.

We also need to consider that a gun like my 27-ounce empty PX4 probably shoots about like the 21-ounce G19, despite the caliber increase.

,40 has a reputation as such a beastly, hard to handle round on Internet forums, but my mom and two ex girlfriends don't read Internet forums, so none of them have ever had any trouble with it.
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