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The Colt Model 57 was marketed in the late 50's ( I believe ). 5000 were made in 30-06 and .243. It was a FN Mauser action and Jefferson barrel. It was manufactured by Jefferson Manufacturing in Hartford, CT. It was a private label that Colt sold under their name. I'm rather intrigued by the Nazi markings since the gun was built in the U.S. long after the collapse of the Third Reich and contains no German parts. It does have a Mauser action, but it is not a German Mauser action but rather a Belgium made Mauser action (FN). Can you show a picture of the " Nazi " markings? I just looked at your You Tube. That is not a Colt Model 57, it is a WWII K 98 action with a Colt marked ( Jefferson ) barrel. Some time in the past someone decided to change the barrel on a Colt Model 57, the left over barrel was then used to make your rifle.You have a nice rifle and it should shoot well but unfortunately it is a mix-master, not a Jefferson Colt, sorry about that.
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