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I have had mine for two years.
Whoever was at the wheel the day they made mine was drunk.
No front sight on the rifled barrel.
Elevator was incorrectly installed so the gun won't cycle and is near impossible to load.

I reported the no front sight last year. Send two e-mails and two phone calls with a couple weeks in between each before they sent me a new front sight. In each case they took the serial number and said they would mail it.
There may have been some doubt as to whether I could install the sight into a dovetail as when I indicated I could they seemed not to believe me. I'm really not sure what the delay was all about.

I take it out to zero it this year and I find it won't cycle. The guy I get on the phone is generally knowledgeable and more or less helpful, but says I have to send it back and pay shipping. More than likely both ways. They did say they will PROBABLY fix it for free. Even so that is going to ad $50 to my cost and second year it isn't likely to get used for hunting.

OTHERWISE the gun is a little bulky compared to the 11-87 I sold to buy it. Is a bit lighter. The extra barrels are a WHOLE LOT cheaper than the Remingtons. If they get it so it runs well, pay shipping back to me, throw in some free trinket crap, etc.; I might not regret the purchase.
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