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If you truly want a pocket 9mm, this is the one... its only a 5 shot, but it never jams, isnt ammo sensitive, draws from the pocket with ease, and is relatively inexpensive. Its available in stainless also, and stainless might be better, since you are in Florida, and corrosion may be a concern. Its a Taurus 905, and there is a Crimson Trace Laser Grip available for it. If you really want an easy to carry pocket 9mm, this is the best. I have 2 Ruger LC9s, and they are just on the edge of being "pocketable". The LC9 is much larger than the Taurus 905, and the shape of the LC9 makes it a little hard to draw from the pocket. Here is a short review I wrote about it... I now have over 600 rounds thru the 905, and its been perfect. It might not be what you are looking for, but its another option for a "pocket 9mm"

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