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How could someone have done something, other than call for help?
Nets may bounce a baby but sounds like it would be an effective barrier for an adult. I have no pic or reference so don't know.

Wild dogs in a pack can eat you too...
If you read my other post(s) I am against someone just jumping in & even stated this would cause whomever did so to become deceased rapidly like the child.

I would've drawn my handgun without a second thought and shot one of the dogs. The shot would not have been one that would have put the child in danger(in my opinion). It would've missed(and served as a warning shot) or it would've hit one of the dogs. I can't say what would've happened from that point, but something would have and trust me a dog's ears will hear a 357(remember, they'd be in 'the zone').

My point is there are only a select few that can handle pressure situations(not speaking of this one and not speaking of me). Many trained individuals freeze up when an emergency occurs.

Calling for help sometimes unfortunately doesn't do anything. Sometimes you, yourself must act.
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