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I'm guessing there is some kind of priority's issue going on here. You have a Beretta NEOS 22. Good choice.

You feel you need/want a larger caliber handgun, possibly for SD, or just to have.

Let me suggest somethings you likely have which could be modified to create gun money.
- rent
- car
- cable TV
- Cell phone
- video games
- clothes

I have all of those items in my budget, but I have modified them to keep me in the guns I want/need. I have a car. The guy who sits 2 seats down from me a work drives a newer Honda Accord. I drive a 2003 Honda Element. Likely 1/2 the payment.

Rent. . .I lived in the cheapest apartment in my area when I first lived in an apartment. . .Saved me $100 - $300 per month.

I could go down the list, but you get the picture.

About the Beretta. . .IMO, you probably get alot of trigger time due to ammo cost. It would be a shame to lose that practice.

About a larger gun. As you get things inline, think about what you really want and need. I personally didn't like the HiPoint idea because I spend $15 - $25 per 50 rounds of ammo. I would rather shoot less and step the gun up to something like a used police trade model 10 38 spcl $250 or a used beat looking Glock 9mm or 40 s&w for $350.
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