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A handgun is not the optimum HD gun, if you can get barricaded. I would prefer a rifle (AR) or a shotgun (pump or Semi 12 Gauge) If I were concerned about mobs of 5.

I keep an 870 by my bedside.

There is not much I can say bad about a good revolver. Learn to run it so that it is second nature. Carry reloads and learn to reload. You can look at all of the stats you want about shots fired, hits, misses, how many it takes at what distance and it tells you nothing. The fact that you are in a gunfight is in itself a mathematically anomaly.

I love my Smith 357's but I carry an auto these days, in case I do get in a fight with a gun I want every advantage I can get. Can you do it with 5? With 8? I don't know my luck is so good I carry spare parts and a tool box in my truck.
My rifle and pistol are tools, I am the weapon.
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