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Nobody here goes looking for trouble, but you can, for instance, be detoured into a bad neighborhood and your car break down. It happens.
Or if your tour bus gets lost 5+ times in the ghetto on a trip to 'Nawlins, like what happened to me in High School...there is some weird and scary stuff back in those areas

I subscribe to the theory of preparing for what is likely and possible from me (since I can't predict what might happen to me). We carry weapons (well, I do) as a pragmatic measure against potential attack; it follows we should approach the problem from that perspective as well, and not simply choose based on what is instinctivly comforting for us (denying the potential of attack at all is far more comfortable, after all)

If confronted by more than 3 (probably 2 in reality) goons at a close defensive distance (since I see no reason I would ever draw a gun on someone from across the street, as opposed to running), I'd be able to get 2, maybe 3 shots off before being jumped (if not shot) provided; the gun was already in my hand, and pointed at them, and all the goons were in front of me). Even that scenario is hopelessly optimistic if any of those conditions aren't met (I'd most likely be shot/bludgeoned while drawing) and if the baddies don't run when they detect "gun".

In reality, I'm simply weighing myself down if I even load my TRR8 to its full 8 shot capacity (but a half-filled revolver is unbalanced ).

Personally, I don't carry to give myself a 1:1,000,000 chance in a 1:1,000,000,000+ scenario; but a 1:2 chance at survival in a 1:10,000 scenario.

"Your boys may get me in a rush, but not before I turn your head into a canoe."
-Wyatt Earp in Tombstone (admittedly not an authority on CCW, but matches my sensibilities on the matter)


(I also carry two moonclips of 8 when in the backwoods (more a bulk/balance issue, though) so I never understand why "revolver" tends to be equated with "no reloading allowed." Clips/speedloaders are every bit as fast as magazines, and strips fast enough for a reload after-action)
"I don't believe that the men of the distant past were any wiser than we are today. But it does seem that their science and technology were able to accomplish much grander things."
-- Alex Rosewater
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