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Originally Posted by g.willikers
Arrows fly pretty good without fletching.
The length and weight make up for it.
Doubt that the jag would make much difference either, for the same reasons.
If the ramrod tumbles, it's maybe due to the same cause as bullets tumbling - hitting something, like maybe the end of the barrel.
Yes, an unfletched arrow can stay head first in flight provided the head is heavier than the rest of the shaft. For stability, the arrow's center of mass must be forward of its aerodynamic center of lift or drag.
A ramrod without a weighted head will not have this stability. You don't need to actually shoot it to see this, just launch one like an arrow with a slingshot. If the brass jag is heavy enough, it may stabilize it but only when flying jag first.

.177 air rifle pellets also stay nose first when fired from a smoothbore because they have a solid nose and a hollow tail. (yes I tried it)
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