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You can find suitable electronic protection at any number of online stores and at any of the various Bass Pro/Dick's Sporting Goods/Cabela's type stores. They range from $25 to at least $350. You'll have to check each sets NRR to see which is better in that regard. If money is no object, buy the set with the highest NRR that also has digital circuitry. I've used quite a few and they all work satisfactorily but the digital have less background noise. The noise doesn't interfere with hearing but it does get annoying with extended use, irrelevant to a defensive scenario.

Eye protection, I wouldn't worry about for a defensive scenario. For general shooting, I'm sure there are aficionados of those too, but I just use whatever's built for the job and cheap-ish.

When target shooting, your best bet is to wear plugs AND electronic muffs. You'll still be able to hear and you'll get the best possible protection.

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