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RG and Rohm are the same. All these guns look about the same, all follow the same format. All were made from alloy, only a couple of the German makers of the time made quality guns for export for the low end of the market. ( Sauer and Son was a good one, made guns for Hawes ) The rest, well, in 1966 you could buy a new Rohm RG10 for 11 dollars, guaranteed to fire at least once before parts started falling off. Could your revolver be a Rohm, sure it could, there is no listing of them using the name Omega but prior to 1968 record keeping was rather lax. In fact the GCA of 68 was the reason so many of the various Foreign gun makers went south. These guns were sold by different outlets, who ever sold them specified what fancy name they wanted on the guns. there was no law ( at that time ) that the manufacturers name had to be on them or even the importers. Again prior to 1968 this was allowed , now everything has to be stamped on the firearm.
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