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It looks like I am using the same press the OP is using, along with the Lee 4 Die Set.

I have been told that when loading .45 ACP cartridges and using the Lee Factory Crimp Die (FCD), it's best to NOT allow the Seating Die to do any crimping of the case (the only function of the Seating Die should be to seat the bullet).

The instructions for adjusting the Lee Bullet Seating Die are basically, as I understand it:

1. Screw the die in until it touches the shell holder, then back it out 3 full turns and tighten the lock ring.

NOTE: If a crimp is desired, now screw the die inward slightly and test until the proper crimp is formed.
This additional crimp should NOT be needed when the Factory Crimp Die is used.

2. Cartridge overall length (OAL) is adjusted by screwing the top knurled knob either in or out.

Then, instructions for adjusting the Lee Factory Crimp Die:

1. Back out the top knurled knob. Screw the die in until it touches the shell holder and tighten the lock ring.

2. Insert a finished round in the die.

3. Screw the top knurled knob in until it touches the case mouth. Then remove the cartridge from the die and screw the top knurled knob inward an additional 1/2 turn for a light crimp or 1 full turn for a heavy crimp.

So, in the procedure above, we are using the Bullet Seating Die to only seat the bullet to achieve the desired OAL ... And we are using the Factory Crimp Die (FCD) to only crimp the case to the desired crimp.

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