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Originally Posted by SPEMack618
Okay, granting that Congress must enact legislation, but what is to stop the President from enacting an excutive order that bans the production and transfer of standard capacity magazines like President George H.W. Bush did with the import ban?
You have to realize, there's a big difference between "What would stop him from...." and the actual implications of doing so.

What would stop me from suing you, right now, for slander and libel?

Absolutely nothing, that's what.

I just wouldn't get anywhere with it, because I have nothing to base it on. I could do it, but you'd be really angry and probably find a way to legitimately counter-sue me.


Certainly, the President COULD do all sorts of nasty things by Executive Order. Fortunately, Executive Orders are limited by the Constitutional powers actually designated to the Executive Branch.

In other words, he'd get sued.

Also, certain powers are likewise delegated to congress, such as control of interstate commerce. Congress, even when they philosophically agree with the President, guards their powers jealously. Very, VERY jealously.

Overstepping either of those bounds (probably both) by a significant margin could turn out very, very bad for the President.
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