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I didn't really think describing my situation and the specifics as to why I wish to carry the shotgun were relevant to my thread, but for those questioning my intent, i will. I spend a good amount of time away from home, often for days at a time, sleeping at my girlfriends house most nights. There are 4 children living in her house, and currently no practical means of safely securing a long gun there permanently. There are times when I'm there that I would feel more comfortable with a long gun, just in case. The recent hurricane Sandy is a good example. Carrying the shotgun in my car makes it possible to have with me anytime I'm staying away from home, not for immediate self defense scenarios while I'm driving around as some people have suggested, thats what my CCW is for. I'd be awfully upset if i was staying somewhere away from home and found myself in a situation where one of my long guns could be beneficial, only for them to all be sitting in my safe at home. Furthermore, when I travel to visit family and friends in NYS, I also have to leave my CCW behind, so having the 870 (which is NYS legal) allows me to go without being completely unarmed.

I've decided to leave the side saddle empty, and store the ammo in a locked case in the rear cargo area, although its legal in my homestate of VA to transport it loaded. My main concern is traveling into MD which I do more often than I prefer, and where I must leave my CCW behind. I could just take the shotgun out too, only it requires more effort that I'm not sure is necessary.
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