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Here I thought crap like being harassed while shooting only happened to me.
I live on my own 25 acre plot. I used a dozer some years back to create a range with a dirt berm that's 15 ft high, 20 ft thick at the base and curved like a half moon. I felt this was sufficient to stop most rounds. One day I invited two friends over to shoot and one brought his brother who was a local off-duty LEO.
The "neighbor" a few doors down who nobody likes or talks to, heard all the shooting and rode over on his ATV to put a stop to it. After talking politely with this man for over 30 minutes he got nasty and threatened to report us all to the police for disturbing the peace, unlawful possession of weapons and all kinds of other nonsense. .....This is where it gets good...
The LEO that was with us informed the man that we were all within our legal rights as far as the weapons we were shooting and all neighboring distance laws. The man went ballistic on him calling him a liar for impersonating an officer and that he would be pressing charges on all of us. The LEO proceeded to display his badge, used his phone to call a fellow on duty officer to arrest the man for trespassing with his ATV and to impound the ATV.
I have never heard a peep out of this neighbor since that day and we still shoot at my place all year long.
I also buy this LEO breakfast whenever I run into him in town.
Justice served.
You can let things happen to you -or- you can make things happen for you
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