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Good question, nothing I can think of. This current president has shown a remarkable lack of regard for our Constitution, an an equally remarkable adherence to his own founding principals and biases. I see dark times ahead on several fronts. The 2A front, the astronomical debt he continues to saddle us with, issues with our allies, issues with the very real nuclear threat from Iran and our only real mideast partner Israel, and a sharply divided citizenry. Divided to a degree we have not seen since the Civil War. The whole mess just makes me terribly sad. I literally feel exactly the same as I did when my father died 1-19-11. A formerly strong and vigorous man, a WWII and Korea vet who worked, made his way, raised 4 sons and raised them right. A good man all around, with some normal human frailties. Sunken with cancer, and dead at home leaving memories of what was. This feels like that.

On the firearms issue though, I do think he will take action. His base demands it, he has promised it, he has disdain for us, and no mistake about it. He will act. What it will be is up for debate. I think he will come after components and ammo, not so much the actual firearms. The exception I would not be surprised about would be the very evil and crime causing semi auto rifles that look scary. Armed free men are the enemy of his ilk, the antipathy they feel is visceral and should not be underestimated my friends. I do not think it is alarmist to say this, I think it would be intellectually dishonest to ignore it.
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