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Custom rifle build/Home Smithing project

Hi guys,

In an effort to gain a comprehensive knowledge of what affects accuracy I'm looking to do a custom build on a rifle. Any rifle really.

I'm looking to cram everything into this one rifle so glass bedding, stock refinishing and fitting, trigger work, barrel work etc.

Have you guys got any suggestions for what would be a good rifle to start on? I'm looking for an old wooden stocked rifle. I don't intend to do a tacticool rifle as I want the wood finishing and bedding skills as well.

Should i buy something like a parker hale or should i buy a mosin nagant and bubbadize it (i wouldn't do this with any other milsurps ever, don't worry).

Also as I want to install the barrel myself is there anything i need to know or special tools. I read somewhere that criterion barrels can be fitted at home so im not sure about others. Do i need any special tools for barrel fitting?

Assuming i have no access to a machine shop and only have home tools (dremel, drills, sanding block etc) is this plausible at all?

Feedback highly appreciated.

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