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I love 357 SIG, not a fan of the price of the ammo or that it's hard to find. Wally world usually has WWB SIG, but 50 rounds cost the same what 100 rounds of 45 ACP or 40 would run for. It's also not always in stock, whereas 40 is everywhere because cop guns devour the crap.

I've also run into issues with different "heat" of rounds. Some have ridiculous recoil, a lot of bang, and muzzle flash (also will make your ears ring even if you're wearing protection)--whereas others "paff" like your generic 9mm ammo with zero to no recoil in my P229. There has been no real indication of which ammo would act like this, with some of the hottest being Sellier and Bellot and Remmy UMC. Then I found a wimpy box of American Eagle/Federal cartridges which felt like shooting a 9mm. WWB feels like 40... it's all unpredictable.

I'd be a bigger fan of the ammo if it was everywhere like 40 and 45, but there have been times I've switched my P229 over to 40 because I didn't want to pay 30 bucks for 50 rounds, and even on the iterwebs it's been expensive.
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