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357mag is also a bit weak for deerhunting
Hmmm. That is arguable. Lots of hunters will take a .44 magnum pistol out for deer. Yes, it does make a bigger hole than the .357 but that is the one point in favor of a .44 pistol.
Once you put the .357 into a rifle, the game has changed. A 158 grain SP can be driven at 1800 fps out of a 16.5" barrel and expand to better than .50 caliber upon impact. Energy wise, the "bit weak" rifle-fired .357 yields over 1100 ft.lbs ME. (over 900 at 50 yards, just under 800 at 100 yds.) That .44 mag pistol using 240 grain bullets out of a 7.5" barrel will give you something similar at just over 1000 ME.
If one keeps the range within sensible limits, the .357 will be effective on deer sized animals.
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