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The first thing IMO to remember is the shotgun isn't tactical. You are. Do scenario planning and responses including the aftermath should the worst happen. Develop a tactical plan. Your shotgun is stupid. It can't do it for you.

Whatever gun you choose PRACTICE! Your shotgun is lazy. It won't do it for you. Practice firing in low light, loading without looking, how to clear a jam. Practice so much that everything is subconscious movement and you're not thinking about what you are doing.

Keep it simple. Don't festoon your gun with useless tacticool stuff. Less is more. Good sights, perhaps a light, maybe a magazine extension but test all modifications and make sure they are worth the effort.

If you follow the above the gun doesn't matter. Personally I use a Remington 870. Second choice would be a Benelli M2. Third a Mossberg 590. YMMV.
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