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Duracoated my Glock 26

Decided my glock was about due for a change, so I had the frame duracoated "woodland tan" and left the slide black for a nice two tone look. I had a local gun shop paint it for me, I did not want to risk having a poor finish on a several hundred dollar gun. They charged me $50 which I thought was a little over price, considering I stripped the frame myself and spraying it probably took 15 minutes. When deciding whether to due it or not I didnt find too many g26s duracoated this way for reference. Thought Id post the pics up to help others decide.

I havent shot it yet since reassembling, but I have worn it several days in my galco king tuk holster and, taken it on deer hunts and the finish seems to be holding up well. Only a couple nicks on it so far.
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