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Originally Posted by dahermit
give an example of, or a realistic scenario where a gun with a spurless hammer but with single action capability becomes unintentionally cocked.
You take someone shooting. The only thing they know about revolvers is what they've seen in the movies, where revolvers are cocked. So, it doesn't even occur to you to they might not even know to shoot DA, and in the blink of an eye they manage to somehow get it cocked.'re not home when your spouse hears a knock in the night. She grabs your bobbed HD revolver from the nightstand, and, under stress, immediately manages to get it cocked.

Originally Posted by Skadoosh
Yes, it was completely reliable before I bobbed the hammer...and has been 100% reliable again after replacing the bobbed hammer with new "complete" hammer. I did not replace the mainspring before or after.
Is your M36 stock? IOW, has it ever had an action job (by a pro)? If there's resistance in the hammer travel, it'll be even more evident once it gets bobbed. IMHO, it's a good idea to bob a hammer as part of a good action job.
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