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At the end of the day, a mountain lion is, on average, about a 200lb animal.
On average they are closer to 100 pounds. A 200 pound mountain lion would be very big indeed.

DESCRIPTION (male) Adult North American cougars are 6-8 feet (1.8-2.4m) in length, including 28-36 inches (71-91 cm) of tail. Shoulder height 26-30 inches (66-76 cm). Weight 100-150 pounds (45-68 kg), occasionally much more. Females are about 40 percent smaller than males. Chromosome count is 38. (North American cougars are somewhat larger and darker than those in South America.)

Theodore Roosevelt set the state record for the largest mountain lion killed in Colorado more than 100 years ago, but that record was surpassed in January 2002 after the kill of possibly an even larger mountain lion.
The 2001 mountain lion was killed in December just northwest of Pagosa Springs. The lion weighed 220 pounds before being field dressed or gorged and was 8 feet from nose to tail. The final Boone and Crockett score was 16 0/16, which beat the previous record of 15 12/16 set by Roosevelt in 1901.

The mountain lion that Roosevelt killed in February 1901 northwest of Meeker was said to weigh 227 pounds. “This is a reputed weight because it’s not known whether it was gorged or field dressed when it was weighed,” said Dick Ray, the outfitter who was on the hunt for the 2001 mountain lion.
Pumas that get real big do so by avoiding contact with humans.
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