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I hate to band wagon with the crowd, though I will say CZ makes some fine rifles for any money. In my honest opinion. You can find a more expensive rifle, it may not be a better rifle. Also as far as looks go I would be hard pressed to show a rifle that looks as good as the CZ that cost less than twice as much, and would be hard pressed to show that it shot better too.

For an inexpensive rifle that you can have fun with, and learn the use of iron sights. The Mosberg 702 Plinkster is a good one for under $130. Last time I saw one in WalMart I think they were priced at about $109 plus tax. I have seen several at the range, all shot just fine. The one I fired shot minute of pop can with ease. (10 pop cans with 10 shots while kneeling at 100 yards.)
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