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Your numbers are good. Especially on a Charter. I don't think you can shim a Charter like you can a S&W. I could be wrong. I have one about the age of yours and it's still in spec. It's only fired my handloads (nothing hot). Best loads I have found are a 215 gr. hard cast SWC driven at 900 fps. and any 200 gr. SWC or JHP at 900 to 950 fps. 200 gr. Gold Dots were made for this gun. These loads will not beat up a Charter. The most important thing to know about Charters is you have to stay on top of all the screws. They will shake loose. (just like a HarleyDavidson - whole lotta of shakin' goin on) Check them frequently if you shoot it a lot. The slotted stud in the center of the breech face that presses the cylinder pin to open will move also. If the cylinder doesn't want to open or stay locked check that stud. A slight turn in or out will make a big difference. Charters are great carry guns. I'll never sell mine.

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