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Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
I think this was just very quick horror and speculation about what one would do is hard to verify. Maybe it makes us feel good to think we could stop the horror. We don't want to admit to being helpless. We just don't know if any action would have worked and thus be worth the risk to you. Easy to say you don't care about that on the forum.
I have no problem saying so. There is no way I would shoot the dogs. There is no way I would jump into the enclosure trying to save a 2-year-old who might have already been dead from the approx 10' fall from the netting.
There's a good picture of the barrier/railing and netting underneath it, at +29 seconds into the video.

There were 11 dogs. I want to know who among those who say they'd try to jump in or shoot the dogs thinks they can either
a) fend off attacks from 11 dogs while carrying a possibly fatally wounded 2-year-old to safety, or
b) shoot 11 dogs attacking a 2-year-old, without hitting the 2-year-old.

If they're trying to tear at the child, they're going to be moving around a lot. Furthermore, shooting at dogs under ideal conditions is less than guaranteed to stop them.

My estimation at a likely outcome to intervention by a "hero" ccwer, who tries to shoot the dogs, is either round(s) hitting the child, or running out of ammo before all the dogs are subdued.

I think the only hope would be that firing a warning shot or two away from the child would scare off the dogs. Maybe. That's a strategy I could support.
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