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Whats on your AR?

Im curious on the various set ups you have chosen for your AR platform.

On my 16 inch, Ive kept it very streamline, from a Triji 4x32 HorseShoe ontop and a pair of Dueck Defense QTS. Other than that, its for a MI Midlength Handguard, Magpul Grip and A2 Buttstock.

On my 10.5 SBR, I have your basic quadrail, flashlight, Eotech 512, and a El-Cheapo low profile laser, and MagPul furniture.

My coyote 20 inch is set up with a standard 20 in HB and a Nikon M223 along with a bipod.

What do you have on yours, and what are your primary uses? Why did you choose what you did...

Pictures welcome.

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