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I have been shooting the 308 Norma Magnum (almost identical ballistics as the .300 win mag). It's definitely a gun you want to reload for. I like the 165 gr bullet, boatail-spitzer like bullet. Very accurate gun.

The percieved recoil for me is less than my 30-06 in a sister rifle. I usually take the 308NM whitetail hunting because of its accuracy. Easily gets a .7 inch group at 100 yds. The recoil is more a push than with the other rifles, so I suspect the recoil is spread out over time longer than the 30-06. But I am not a scientist so I can't tell for sure.

The accuracy drops deer in their tracks. I usually take neck shots and the deer takes no more steps. My longest shot on a deer was 425-450 yrds. Bullet went clean through the chest and raised dust behind him. I thought I had shot over him but he ran in a 20 yard radius circle and dropped dead.

I love that rifle and load.
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