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Al Norris
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Patriot, I agree, we need not speculate on things that could be. A lot of things, could be. Just as many won't or never will be.

As you may know, the 4-State rifle reporting requirement is under litigation (Item #54 in the 2A Cases thread). That may or may not go our way. However it may go, it will resolve that particular item. That fact that you and I (and the NSSF and NRA) may think it unlawful, there is actually a rebutable premise that the ATF does have that authority. We shall see.

Stevno, Judicial appointments (not just the SCOTUS, but district and circuit courts) is the single biggest thing, to my mind. Whatever else happens, these appointments are for life and if the trend continues (the trend of appointing younger judges), then we will be saddled with judges whose ideology will endanger the gains made., for years to come.
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