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300 Win Mag

All, great comments I appreciate it all. I have a 308, 30.06 and many other guns. I have fired my brothers Ruger 300 WM. The recoil does not bother me much, I'm a pretty big guy. Yes it probably would wear on me while target practicing a couple of boxes but just shooting a few rounds is not a big deal. I can't rememebr ever feeling a recoil when shooting at game regardless of the weapon.

I have narrowed my choices to the T3 Tikka or the Ruger and back to my original question is which is preferred amoung hunters. Until recently I'd never heard of the Tikka. I did go to a gun shop and handle one. I do like that I can lift the bolt and open it with only my thumb.

Price wise they are only about 100 dollars apart.

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