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Self-Defense Shotgun Only

I have posed questions about other shotguns trying to educate myself and am curious to get some on here's take about defensive shotguns.

I am going to start as the gold standard, partly because I read good things about it mostly and partly because I freely admit I'm under-educated overall here, the Mossberg 930 SPX I believe it is or the tactical self-defense version that seems to be very popular. In this price range, what would be the top three self-defense shotguns in your opinion, and why? Pump, auto, doesn't matter.

Secondly, in a price range of $1,500 and under, same question, what would be the top three self-defense shotguns and why?

Just gives me more stuff to research and delve into and possibly more guns to go and check out and maybe find a deal on, which I enjoy to do.

I got to say I played with a 590a-1 the other day, thing is built like a tank!! Was impressed. Overall out of all the shotguns I've handled so far, I was very, very impressed with the smoothness of the action on the Browning. That's where I stand today, but I'm enjoying learning everything I can. Thanks again!!
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