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I'm going to attempt to answer a few things here, not necessarily in the order they were asked (or stated).

Originally Posted by jmortimer View Post
We can only have "PC" discussions which is the right of the board owner(s).
JM, is it "PC" that we not only ask, but demand, that people post in a civil manner? Is it "PC" that we hold to a higher standard of discussion than that of a "chat room?" Is it "PC" that we require participants to utilize the best written English and grammar that they can?

If that is what you are calling, "PC," then you have a very short sighted view of the meaning of that term.

Originally Posted by Patriot86 View Post
To pretend like politics itself is not one of the biggest things impacting anything and everything guns is refusing to see the whole picture.
Everything that is of a legal or Civil Rights nature is in fact, political at its roots. This cannot be denied. There is no pretense that political discussions cannot be made, here. Just that the topics must be primarily a legal or civil rights discussion.

There have been some purely political discussion threads here, in the past 4 years. Yes, they have been very few and far between. That will remain to be the way things are. As Glenn wrote when he initially closed this thread:

Our rules are to be NON-political. There are other forums to discuss such.

L and CR is for the practical questions about L and CR and theoretical discussions of such, not partisan politics. If there is legislative movement to do XY or Z we can discuss it.
Ninety-nine per cent of the last 4 years discussions have been that way and they will continue to be that way.

Will politics intrude? Of course! Yet we hope to keep it as minimal as we can. I simply will not stand for the rancor that caused the closing of the old Legal and Political forum, and its self-destruction.

Those of you that were here at that time, know exactly what I'm saying... Which s a good time to address the OP:

Originally Posted by Rifleman1952
There are many of us who are concerned about what the aftermath of last night's election means for gun owners and the Second Amendment. I've already seen two threads closed because the moderators were concerned about the direction or tone those threads were taking. I didn't see anything offensive in either of those threads and am concerned the Moderators may be a little overzealous in their approach. As long as we are discussing issues with no ad homiem attacks...isn't this the proper thread for such discussion?
Yes, we are concerned. Some to a greater extent than others.

As for the other thread closures, I can only speak to the one I closed here. The voting thread. That was closed as a pre-emptory move, since the polls were (essentially) closed, and the discussion began to turn towards the strickly political "chicken little" side... Yup. I closed it.

Now I try to be fair and open minded. But my experience as a moderator comes into play, here. It is just that experience that causes me to frown on certain threads and to close them when I can see a clear direction that they are headed. The "Get Out and Vote" thread was clearly headed in that direction.

Do valid topics get shut down? Yes, they do. If they weren't, then even more members would get banned, simply because they let their emotions get the better of their good sense. Hence, there is no "Free for All" at the Firing Line.

With all of this being said, I'm going to reopen this thread. It will be the only thread at TFL to discuss the results of this election cycle.

This is going to mean that if you cannot restrain your comments so as not to attack your fellow members, simply because they don't agree with you or that they don't hold to your beliefs, then you will be banned. No recourse. No second chance.
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