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What if threads are always amusing to read.

If you add up all the odds, you're a winner if you can make a bang sound. Criminals think they are invincible when they employ a gun, when you make a gun sound, they typically run. Then you practice and they don't, the odds of a fatal shot to you is under 5% if I am remembering a public TV program from many years ago.

Cary a gun with reasonable capacity and practice. I practice draw and fire and work to keep a double tap to 2.5 seconds or less. And drill into your head to take the extra half second to make the shot count, nothing is more important than hitting your target. Also I'd say carry a pistol rather than a revolver, if a criminal is thinking (which they obviously aren't) and they see a revolver, they know you have a limited capacity and a long time reloading verses a pistol where they don't know if you have 15 shots or not because there are so many variations.
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