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Posted by Rifleman1952: As for the probability of a criminal's response to deadly force; yes there is always the possibility that a drug crazed or mentally disturbed individual will continue his attack after being hit. But the vast majority of criminals are cowards, who seek easy prey. I am retired now, but have many years of experience working with criminals, trust me on this one.
The question is how soon after being hit he will discontinue his attack. Where you hit him, how many times, at what distance, how fast he is moving, his physical makeup, his psychological condition, and other things will all figure in.

Cowards? Maybe, but if you are shooting, he has already decided to attack you.

What about his accomplice? Do you want to bet your life on his cowardice? If he is already in slashing range when you shoot the other one, would increasing the distance be his best bet? Suppose he thinks your shots were those of his partner; that has happened. And there is the possibility that your car represents his only means of escape.

The response, to two rounds fired by a 65 year old woman, by these five would be robbers, is typical of the vast majority of bad guys I have dealt with over the years.
"Typical" is not something to prepare for.

Most criminals are only brave when they believe they hold the upper hand.
That's irrelevant.
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