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well... last night I put my 1st coat of urethane on my wood paneling ( man that really makes the grain & color variation pop on that Hackberry ) I got about 1/2 of the room done, past where the ammo benches & 2 rifle racks will go... I'll be giving everything a 2nd coat tonight... I decided to use semi gloss water based urethane... it's easy to work with, 1st coat soaked into the wood pretty well, it dries quickly ( especially with the dehumidifier running in there ), & cleans up easily

my 6 rifle rack base boards are being done up right now, will be ready to pick up Thursday, finish planed & sanded, 1/2" radius on the front edges & with the corners radiused as well... they'll be ready to drill the holes & finish... this will do up 3 rifle racks, all are 48" long & built out of 1 15 /16" X 4" rough planed boards, one board is at 44" length, as I have an exhaust fan switch box at the top of where one rack will hang... they should be finished out at like 1 3/4" X 3 3/4" X 48"... I think I'm going to use oak or hickory 1/2" dowels... I'm hoping my machinist buddy can do the holes in the 6 boards over the weekend... if so, I could have my rifles hanging on the walls by next weekend...

my next batch of paneling boards should be here next Thursday ( 2 week lead time ) & a couple more boards on the wall, & I can start my work bench... which now that I'm getting closer, I've got a better idea on... 5' X 32" bench top, with 2 - 12" shelves over the top, mounted on the wall... will likely get a couple drawer slide mounts, & add a couple drawers under as well
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