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2012 Election and Rules for L&CR

Moderators Note: Read through to post #13, before you decide to reply to this thread. Al Norris.

There are many of us who are concerned about what the aftermath of last night's election means for gun owners and the Second Amendment. I've already seen two threads closed because the moderators were concerned about the direction or tone those threads were taking. I didn't see anything offensive in either of those threads and am concerned the Moderators may be a little overzealous in their approach. As long as we are discussing issues with no ad homiem attacks...isn't this the proper thread for such discussion?

Some of my fellow gun enthusiasts say that President Obama was the best thing that ever happened to the firearms industry (in terms of increased sales and the number people involved in recreational shooting). They usually follow that up by saying Obama didn't do anything to hurt us in his first term; why should we expect anything different in his second?

But the fact is Obama is now unencumbered, by having to be re-elected. Don't be surprised if we start hearing about "common sense & reasonable" gun control in the near future. Obama sincerely believes that crime can be reduced by making the public's access to firearms more difficult and expensive. I am curious as to what others may think; and if as long as the discussion is done in a civil and respectful way, will the moderators allow it to continue?

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