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Originally Posted by 4runnerman
Originally Posted by taylorce1
Another thing you are telling the OP is that if he buys an Axis rifle he will be accurate with it
Taylor- I said no such thing. I stated that the Axis is a very accurate rifle. The rest is up to him. Off roading in a 4 wheeler is vastly different than doing mods on a rifle that shoots sub MOA right off the bat. Taylor-I have no doubt that your experience vastly out weights mine for sure. I guess i look at the practical side of things.
You are right you didn't say that, I guess I got carried away there. However, every rifle mentioned will probably shoot MOA right out of the box. My analogy of off roading and the rifle really isn't that far off. My guess is that most people who drive lifted vehicles spend 90% on pavement with it, so you just modified a perfectly drivable vehicle. The other people that aren't professionals that purpose built a vehicle for off road use the vehicle spends 90% of its time in a driveway or on a trailer.

My point is regardless how well the Axis shoots out of the box, paying $380 for a packaged Axis rifle is way too much. Especially when I can pick up a Savage 110 packaged rifle for $397 with a wood stock or Remington M700 ADL package $419 both at different Wal-Marts locally. You're right he may never need or want the ability to upgrade the rifle, but at least he has an option for only a few dollars more. If he goes with the Mossberg which has a better factory trigger and hates the cheap synthetic stock (more rigid than the Axis) at least he can pick up a Boyd's laminate for around $100, you can't even say that about the Axis.

For the foreseeable future there isn't going to be a lot you can do with an Axis except change the triggers and barrels out. If a person has pretty decent wood working skills you could always carve out a new stock for the Axis and run it single shot. A couple guys are doing that, as well as removing the recoil lug slot from the receiver and using a standard recoil lug.

As far as experience goes, I wouldn't say mine is vastly greater than yours. In fact I'd say as far as shooting goes that I very rarely shoot as well as you. However I hunt a lot or at least did, and I do like to try different things. I spend my money making what I want to shoot, that is why I have no respect for the Axis but a lot of respect for the Savage 10/110. You see the Pros as it being a cheap accurate rifle, I see the Cons as it being a cheap rifle with a dim future.
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