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Own a Marlin 917v. Has a heavy barrel, looks like yours with a different stock.

Mine has the T-900 trigger system which is not adjustable and I found it to be a little heavy. With very basic tools and parts I got into the trigger and removed the trigger return spring. This was replaced by a pen spring that I cut to the same length. Put everything back together and I am now very happy with the weight of trigger pull.

Group from 50 yards shooting prone with a bi-pod. Redfield 4-12x Accu-range reticle.

Needless to say, it shoots so good that I will never part with it.

I don't notice much problems with wind but this isn't usually a very windy place. Any squirrel within 150 yards of its barrel is in mortal danger.

I can't remember the last time that a squirrel that I shot at with it managed to get away. I aim for the heart, hit them in the heart, and they drop like a stone.

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