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I like revolvers and frequently carry a 5 or 6 shot revolver with no reload and consider myself adequately armed. However my projected / anticipated defensive situations do not involve 5 attackers 3 of whom are armed.

I am not saying that an attack such as this can not, or will not happen, I am simply saying that it is not on my list of likely situations so it's not something I am preparing for or worrying about. The OP obviously is and has his reasons which is fine, I feel bad for anyone who has reasonable fear of such a situation.

Normally I would say the 627 is a good gun if you can conceal / carry it but this is based on my perspective for normal CCW which does not typically include 5 on 1. However, IF a 5 perp / 3 are armed situation is on your list of things you feel you need to be worried about then I would respectfully suggest that for the size weigh factor there are far better choices than the 627 for carry.

The situation that you pose is a tactical nightmare to win so you are going to need every advantage you can get. A semiauto of some sort can give you more rounds and faster reloads, so again in the situation you suggest there are better choices. This is the cold hard truth of the matter and the hope that plugging one or two is just that hope --- not a certainty, they could just as likely want to avenge their fallen friends, the situation you pose is really tough so lets not take easy outs with false hope and assumptions.

I think an similar situation would be discussing pump vs. lever vs. semi-auto rifles for defense. There is nothing wrong with a good pump or lever gun for defensive use, and arguably if they are sitting in a corner collecting dust they might have more reliability in time of need than a semi. However if the proposed situation is 5 attackers 3 of whom are armed, you can not deny that the semiauto is going to give you an advantage.

In a home defense situation obviously the discussion can and SHOULD transition to long arms, either shotgun or rifle in this 5 to 1 situation.

Good luck with your considerations, I truly feel for you living under these conditions.
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