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For more than 100 years, up through the 1970s, 6 shot revolvers have gotten the job done for LE, security and private citizens. Small revolvers, with only 5 shots, are carried today by many CCW permit holders across the country, including myself. The overwhelming majority of criminals are cowards who seek victims, they believe will not fight back. That's one reason the elderly are so often victimized. But, if that elderly potential victim pulls out even a two shot derringer and fires at his closest attacker, the rest of the bad guys will take off running and wet themselves along the way. 8 shots of .357 magnum is a formidable self-defense choice. Those wheel guns tend to be a little large for concealed carry, but if you are comfortable with it and shoot it well, it is more than adequate for self-defense. Like many who carry concealed, I bring along an extra speed loader. But it is highly unlikely that it would ever be needed.
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