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stippling is forever.
Oh come on you guys. What's the harm in making a cheap gun more shootable? I'm not slamming the Glock as a gun, I'm sayin it's a 500 dollar gun, not a 3000 dollar custom job. So now it's worth 495., LOL. The increase in shootability is perhaps priceless.

I think it looks ok. So what if it's not perfect. It's more user friendly now. Good on ya for being open minded enough to make an improvement to it. Can you imagine how many fanboys are in their safe right now with tears in their eyes telling their Glocks oh baby I'd never do that to you?

Glocks don't belong under glass you guys. It's a good cheap hammer. That's all. He is not the guns caretaker, it is his tool. (Oh, go hug your Glock and put it on the top shelf where it doesn't belong, LOL)
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