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Quote: Recoil is a range issue. Anyone can train past it.

Unless you possess some special magical powers, you cannot "train past" the fact that 9mm recoils less than .40.
Agreed--though there are indeed exceptions (we all know and admire those of whom can shoot a cannon as well as a mouse-gun equally effective) the "key" variable of recoil is not an easily overcome variable for most of the "basic" gun owners that purchase a gun for the same reason they purchase a hammer so to speak--they will learn to swing the hammer or pull the trigger only so far as to become sufficient with "said tool." So that's why I believe we are seeing tons of the smaller caliber guns <.45acp as they are generally more quickly learned/controlled (costs too is a factor but IMO less so). Conversely, most of us in the forums here can learn/adapt to recoil as we look at it as an enjoyable challenge if you will (hence the proverbial saying YMMV).
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