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weblance, Have you had any issues with your take down lever? I am hearing reports of them breaking and i am some what concerned this could be a safety issue.
I replaced my takedown lever after close to 3000 rounds with the replacement lever from Twin Tactical. I wasnt having any problems, but was worried about failure. The original lever looks fine, but I havent seen one that failed, and dont know if there is any visual indication of damage before they fail. My SR22P has the early "SR22 PISTOL" graphic on the slide, and supposedly, when the takedown lever fails, the slide launches off the front of the gun. I didnt want this to happen, didnt want to launch my slide into the gravel at my range, so I got the replacement lever. Its $20 and I feel this is cheap insurance. Plus I didnt want any down time, if I had to send my pistol back to Ruger.
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