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44 mag? too great of recoil, harder to carry, low capacity.

357? Great recoil, harder to carry, lower capacity.

45? some recoil, usually larger gun, fair/good capacity.

45 colt and 44 special - ammo too hard to find without reloading, large gun, low capacity.

40? thats obvious!

38 special ? almost, almost my choice - to me, it has the right blend of traits for a do it all gun. The problem? Usually a revolver, and cannot feed as well as a 9mm when talking semis. Also not as popular world wide as the 9mm.

My winner is the 9mm - lower recoil, high capacity, very common cal /easy to find, has enough power and can be had in a smaller package without any big sacrifice

I have guns in all of these cals except 40 S&W, and I also have pistols in .380, 32 acp, 22lr, 25acp, 460 mag, etc. The 9mm does it all well, but of course, for power, range, etc, it is not the winner. When you look at as a composite however, IMO, it is the winner.
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