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I'd say they will all hurt, but some are likely to hurt more.

Last time I checked, a .357 actually was one or two dB higher than a 12ga (assuming service barrel lengths).

The .357 was just slightly louder than the .44 magnum.

Both of those were louder than the 9mm.

The .45acp, .44 special, and .38 special were quieter than the magnums by 4 or 5 dB. Considering that a change of 3dB is a doubling (or halving) of noise, that difference could be significant.

In other words, they are all likely to do damage. Magnums, and most rifle rounds, are likelier to do more damage.

This is one reason, I admit, for my preference for the .45. (Or, in other calibers, slightly heavy bullets loaded just subsonic.)

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